Monday, February 4, 2013

And we're back!

Hello dear sweet friends. I thought I would be back in January but as life has it, my break extended until, well, now. February already. :) I have been in the midst of so many changes it has made my head swim and me wanting to call time out! :) I have re-built my store, rebuilt my blog, and my studio is in an uproar because my sweet DH is building me some custom workspace. The workspace right now is what is driving me crazy, so much I want/need to do and the weather is holding up painting, and painting is holding up the completion of my new area. So it's a good time to get back to our challenge! :)

Our rules to play the game are at the top of the blog, kindly take a moment to read them if you are new to our site, they are few and simple.
The image is approx. 8"x10" at 300dpi, and should print very well for you. To grab the image right click on it, then click Save Picture As and save to your computer. You are welcome to re-size it to fit your needs, or alter it in any manner as long as it is some way recognizeable as the image I provided.

Your jpeg image is due to me shabby{at} by days end of   Feb. 11, 2013. I will then get all images and links listed and announce when voting is open.

This month I am changing things up a bit...why should I be the one with all the changes?! lol
I am providing you with a background. This is a piece of fabric I monoprinted and then overpainted and scanned into mycomputer. Your challenge is to create something with it.
So have fun and let's see what you come up with!


SueAnn Lommler said...

What an interesting textural image! My thinking cap is now on and I will do my best. It is gonna be tough because I have to go out of town on the 8th through the 11th!!
Hugging you
Happy New Year

Mary said...

Oh Gail, I was so afraid you were not going to come back to MWO. I have checked every couple of days since way back in January. I get to play this time since I have ink in my printer again. This is very pretty ~ I love the colors ~ very spring-like even though we have a month or two of winter left down here in Alabama. Thank you so much for the time you spend doing MWO. Even if I can't always play I get to see the beauties the others do.
Hugs Mary

thecreativesoulsara said...

I am brand new to Mind Wide Open and happy to find something I can do in response to your first post since I joined. Lovely colors and composition in this background! I'll have to print out at the library since I don't have a printer...that means just printer paper, but I'll do the best I can. Peace to your heart, Sara

Ann said...

is digital art ok?
i'm out of ink for my printer ...

Tracie Dean said...

This will be the first challenge for me since I have joined this blog.
I am so looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

Happy Creating

studiorose said...

What a beautiful image! Pastels - right up my alley. I've got a few days off work this week and will definitely enter the challenge this time!

studiorose said...

What a beautiful image - pastels, right up my alley! I have a few days off work this week and will definitely make something for this fun challenge.

Jan said...

Lovely background image to work with. Thanks! I just emailed you my entry and can't wait to see what the other participants come up with!