Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mind Wide Open Challenge for November is Open!

Oh good gracious my friends! You know how we're always saying, where did the time go? Well it caught me this time! I just now realized today is Nov. 1 and I need to get the new contest posted! It should have gone up this morning but since it's still the 1st I guess I'm not tooooo late! :)
Our rules to play the game are at the top of the blog, kindly take a moment to read them if you are new to our site, they are few and simple.
The image is 5"x7" at 300dpi, and should print very well for you. To grab the image right click on it, then click Save Picture As and save to your computer. You are welcome to re-size it to fit your needs, or alter it in any manner as long as it is some way recognizeable as the image I provided.
Your jpeg image is due to me shabby{at} by days end of   Nov. 7, 2012 I will then get all images and links listed and announce when voting is open.

So here we usual, good luck and most of all have fun!

See you in a week!


Mary said...

Ah Gail, that is the prettiest pic you have ever put out here and you have done some absolute beauties in the past. If I were a writer I could write a romance novel from just that picture. It is breathtaking.

Gail Schmidt said...

Ahh Mary you are so kind and thank you so much for such a beautiful compliment.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Thank you Gail for once again providing a forum for us to share our work and giving us such rich sources of material!! Thank you...thank you.
Love this prompt.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, this is GORGEOUS!!!!!